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Residency didn’t teach us everything we needed to learn to be a successful surgeon. While we spent our time caring for patients and learning how to operate, we didn’t learn how to advocate for ourselves or navigate our career. 

Amy Vertrees, MD

Hi, I'm Amy Vertrees, MD

Founder of BOSS Business of Surgery Series


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Medical school and residency helped me become a great technical surgeon. But as my career progressed, I realized that there were several aspects of my career that residency did not cover. I trained in the military, and once my commitment was up I realized I had no idea how to find a job, negotiate my contract, or code notes and cases. I created the BOSS series as a way to address those topics, because if I needed to know it, others probably needed to as well. 

Over time, I realized that even more topics were necessary once I discovered coaching. Dealing with a difficult partner, managing my thoughts about complications, realizing that everything is a negotiation, and how to manage a successful clinic. The BOSS series was my answer to these problems. I have used all of the strategies I teach in my own career, which has allowed me to become a successful private practice general surgeon. Once I realized the power that coaching offered me, I became a certified coach through The Life Coach School, and now I coach surgeons to realize their potential, too. 

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