Hi My name is Amy Vertrees MD


Residency didn’t teach us everything we needed to learn to be a successful surgeon. While we spent our time caring for patients and learning how to operate, we didn’t learn how to advocate for ourselves or navigate our career.

This is My Story

What started as a journey to learn "what's next" for me turned into a passion for helping others have the same feeling of confidence, clarity, and freedom I discovered along the way. But you don't have to struggle and wait- you can learn those skills now. 


Medical school and residency helped me become a great technical surgeon, but as my career progressed, I realized that there were several aspects of my career that they did not cover. I trained in the military for 7 years and once my commitment was up I realized I had no idea how to find a job, negotiate my contract, or code notes and cases. 


The Beginning of BOSS


I started the BOSS series to share the necessary skills that were not taught in residency with others who are just as lost as I was. I realized there are not a lot of resources for people who are leaving residency and entering the workforce yet there is still so much to learn. Creating this podcast and having guest speakers was my way of learning how to deal with these problems and share that knowledge with fellow surgeons. I have used all the strategies I teach in my career, which has allowed me to become a successful private practice general surgeon and further my career.




Over time, I realized that even more topics were necessary once I started coaching for my career. How to deal with a difficult partner, managing my thoughts about complications, realizing that everything is a negotiation, how to manage a successful clinic, and countless others. 

Once I realized the power that coaching offered me, I became a certified coach through The Life Coach School, and now I coach surgeons to see their potential too. 

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