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BOSS Business of Surgery Series

It's time to learn what you weren't taught in residency

Are you ready to be the BOSS?

Everything is a Negotiation Program

Are you having trouble getting what you want? Do you wish you had the skills and knowledge to negotiate effectively with everyone around you? The truth is every interaction is a negotiation. This course will help you learn how to negotiate more successfully. 

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Navigating an Important Meeting

Do you want to feel more confident in your interactions at work? Are you not getting what you want at work because of it? Join me on 20 Jun at 6pm CST to hear strategies that will help. Register HERE

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Residency didn't teach you everything you need to become a successful surgeon

Our training allowed us to become skilled and thoughtful surgeons. We can diagnose problems, cure patients, relieve suffering... but learning how to navigate our career was not a priority. We often have to learn the hard way. But now you don't. The BOSS series will help you learn those lessons not taught in residency so you can have the surgery career ideally suited for you. 

How could you improve your work life?

Are you making one of these 12 common mistakes at work? Get the free "How Surgeons Rise" guide and see for yourself. 

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BOSS Business of Surgery Series podcast

This podcast is where surgeons like you learn strategies critical to a successful surgery career that were not taught in residency.

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When you are ready to uncover your inner voice and start changing your life for the better, it's time for coaching. 

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Comprehensive programs to achieve success in your surgery career

Here is where you learn those lessons in comprehensive 12 week programs of group coaching and self-study. 

Is clinic draining you? 

We weren't taught ways to make clinic efficient. You don't have to suffer through clinic. You may never love it, but you can start leading an efficient and effective clinic. 

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Should I leave my job?

The Difficult Partner Program


Residency helped up prepare for dealing with operations and taking care of patients. But residency didn't prepare you for this. The difficult partner.  

The problem with a difficult partner or colleague is wondering if you should stay in the job. Moving and picking up somewhere else could work, but how do you make sure you don't end up in the same position? This course offers group coaching, self-study material to help you gain the skills you need to navigate a challenging relationship at work so you can decide if you want to stay at that job you have. 

It's Complicated Program

As a surgeon, there is so much that we need to know. Knowledge, skills, insight, relationships with patients and colleagues are all critical skills we learn over time. Complications happen, but they don't have to keep us from a successful and satisfying career. 

Registration is closed until 2023

Knowledge is freedom. 

After achieving my career goals, I realized it could have been much easier with information ahead of time. Things that were not taught in residency.  

What started as a journey to learn "what's next" for me turned into a passion to help others have the same feeling of confidence, clarity and freedom I discovered along the way. But you don't have to struggle and wait- you can learn those skills now. 


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