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Business of Surgery Series

The Business of Surgery Series brings you concepts you didn't learn in residency but are necessary to be a successful surgeon.  

How do you feel at work? 

I bet you didn't think a surgeon would ask how you feel at work. Have you even thought about it? Many of us are heading to our jobs with a feeling of dread, uncertainty and overwhelm. How do you create a feeling of safety at work so you can interact with the world and feel OK with yourself and others? Come join me for this free webinar to find out. 
Monday 14 Nov at 6pm CST


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Hi, I'm Amy Vertrees MD.  Residency didn’t teach us everything we needed to learn to be a successful surgeon. While we spent our time caring for patients and learning how to operate, we didn’t learn how to advocate for ourselves or navigate our career. 

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This podcast is where surgeons like you learn strategies critical to a successful surgery career that were not taught in residency.

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