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You don't have to sacrifice yourself to serve others. 

After years of climbing to the top, we have become the best at what we do. But at some point, we became unfulfilled martyrs wondering if this was the best it was going to get. The hustle and grind we did in the past isn't working anymore, and we don't want to do it even if it did.

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We are high achievers and can solve any problem...until now

  • Difficult colleagues and staff are making work unbearable
  • There is more work than can be done in a day
  • The administrative burdens keep piling up
  • The pay goes down and down
  • We can't seem to get what we want
  • Anxiety and fear around complications can be overwhelming
  • We aren't the doctor we want to be anymore
  • Our families get the short end of our attention
  • We aren't taking care of ourselves

Without a guide, you may spend years trying to solve the wrong problem

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Hi, I'm Amy Vertrees MD.  Residency didn’t teach us everything we needed to learn to be a successful physician. Like you, I spent years caring for patients and learning how to operate, but had to teach myself how to navigate my career. This career is worth fighting for, and I'm right there with you. 

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You're ready to become the BOSS MD this year.

Can you imagine having more control over your interactions with others (The Difficult Partner), peace around complications (It's Complicated), get your way more often (Everything is a Negotiation), and success in clinic (Stop Hating Clinic) and flexibility of topics so your current problems are handled with special sessions? I have created safe spaces to do all of that. 

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BOSS Business of Surgery Series

This is a great place to start. With over 100 episodes, you will find many answers to your questions...and find that you are not alone. These are strategies we did not learn in residency, and it is absolutely critical we learn them now. 

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A BOSS MD is a physician who: 

  • Interacts with others with confidence
  • Gives up good things for great things
  • Knows how they are getting paid
  • Creates their ideal environment
  • Creates the schedule they never dreamed was possible
  • Feels free and inspired
  • Doesn't feel great all the time, but manages negative emotions with ease
  • Uses boundaries as a love language
  • Is the change they want to see in the world
  • Creates an exponential positive effect on the world
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 What You Need To Thrive at Work...and at home

  I hear this all the time: "I am doing better at work, but it also helped me at home, too." These strategies will help you in all aspects of your life, not just work. 

More clarity

"I survived medical school and surgical residency because I am resilient and can power through anything.  But at some point, I started to feel like a hamster on a wheel in my work life, and I wanted to get off the ride... Amy has helped me clarify my goals and values and bring better energy to work life (yes, this helps in your personal life, too:)."
- Dr. RG

Less anger

"I had a very complicated political situation at work which was threatening the entire practice I had built. I just wanted to literally scream and was concerned that I may actually end up being the one to get in trouble because I was so angry. This is when I reached out to Amy who skillfully helped me navigate this situation, control my emotions and develop a game plan for interactions...Five months in to the "all in" program I am 150% satisfied." -Dr. KS

More satisfaction

"After working with Amy, I have been better able to assert myself and help to appropriately care for my patients as well as remain calm and serve as a resource for my partners and staff in coming up with solutions. I frequently felt as if I was seen as a lesser partner, and I now appreciate my role in the group and see myself as an equal, which gives me greater satisfaction with my job and greater resilience in my daily work life."
- Dr. GS

More hope

I have felt so much more myself and “normal” this week at home, and in social and teaching events that I have attended. I know friends and family can see a difference as well! I am so much less against myself than I was—I didn’t realize honestly until speaking with you how upset I was with myself in so many ways.

I feel positive, hopeful and grateful. 
- Dr. SG

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