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everything residency did not teach you.

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It’s time for a podcast that addresses your specific problems by a fellow surgeon who knows the way, has been where you are and found her way out to the other side. Learn here how to:


  • Love surgery again
  • Not take work home
  • finish notes immediately after clinic and go home on time
  • Not let complications set you back
  • Interact with others with confidence
  • And finally seeing that you can control the results you get at work and at home
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Episode 35: Improving clinic efficiency with Dr. Sarah Beth Snell

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Episode 34: Getting patients into clinic by supporting PCPs with Dr. Sarah Lee-Davisson
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Seeing people thrive through my nightmare scenarios. This Podcast covers so many topics I didn’t even know I needed to learn about. A career in surgery is a long term commitment, and when we start, we can’t anticipate all of the curve balls that life will throw at us. This Podcast and community have given me the courage to advocate for myself in my job and create the life I want, not just “try to be a good surgeon.” There’s more to surgery than affable, available, and able and there’s more to life than being a surgeon!


Google review, Bcbmalone, 09/21/2022



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