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Create a successful career by learning

everything residency did not teach you.

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It’s time for a podcast that addresses your specific problems by a fellow surgeon who knows the way, has been where you are and found her way out to the other side. Learn here how to:


  • Love surgery again
  • Not take work home
  • finish notes immediately after clinic and go home on time
  • Not let complications set you back
  • Interact with others with confidence
  • And finally seeing that you can control the results you get at work and at home
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🎧 49 min listen

Episode 35: Improving clinic efficiency with Dr. Sarah Beth Snell

🎧 42 min listen

Episode 34: Getting patients into clinic by supporting PCPs with Dr. Sarah Lee-Davisson
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I’ve gone from feeling stressed out and overworked to loving the life I live. This podcast has changed my life. I feel like Rani and Elle are trusted friends guiding me to a better version of myself.

Alex Deal

Founder of Level Up

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