Ep 138 Become the BOSS MD: Success Beyond Residency: Intro and Chapter 1

Happy BOSS MD book anniversary!

"Become the BOSS MD: Success Beyond Residency" came out 14 Jun 2023!

I can't believe it's been a year. I wanted to do something special.

I have been asked if there was an audiobook. Well, there was supposed to be one.

It was my first lesson in the for profit business world- not all companies can be trusted. Not even the expensive, over the top popular ones. When the company I paid to have my audiobook put together went bankrupt a year ago, they took my money and audiobook with them.

I didn’t really want to drop a few more thousand dollars on it, and I haven't had time to record in a studio.

But if you know me- there is a powerful and positive reframe in this- And you all benefit!

It was always meant to be this way. I didn't see it then, but I see it now.

I am recording it on a private podcast- and you all are getting it for FREE.

This latest episode of the BOSS podcast is the Intro and Chapter one. It's not in a studio. It's not fancy. It's just me giving you the lessons I needed after residency.

I don’t want you to mindlessly listen to it- I want you to apply these lessons. Share this episode with a friend- and get to work! 

Head to BOSSsurgery.com to sign up for the private podcast with the full audiobook.