Ep 136 The Mastery in General Surgery program with Dr. Preston Miller

This episode talks about the Mastery in General Surgery program, which aims to provide advanced postgraduate training for surgeons interested in pursuing a career in general surgery. The program covers various aspects beyond clinical training, such as practice management, billing, legal issues, and the business side of surgery. Dr. Miller explains that the program is designed to address the shortage of general surgeons in the United States, particularly in rural and non-urban areas. He emphasizes that the program offers flexibility, allowing participants to tailor their training to their specific needs and interests. The program provides a safety net and mentorship for surgeons transitioning into practice, while also offering autonomy. Dr. Miller discusses the application process, program structure, curriculum, financing, and the benefits for both participants and hosting sites. The conversation also touches on the broader issue of maintaining competency and addressing gaps in surgical practice, highlighting the need for support and guidance within the surgical community.

For more information, head to  Mastery in General Surgery Program