Ep 132: Advice for new attendings in their first job with Dr. Derrick Burgess


This episode discusses advice for new attending physicians starting at a new practice. It covers topics such as building relationships with colleagues and the community, understanding the practice's expectations, seeking mentorship, negotiating contracts, and handling job transitions or losses.

The key points include:
- Doing due diligence when choosing a job to ensure the practice aligns with expectations and can support the desired specialty.
- Being willing to say 'yes' to tasks outside one's specialty initially to build relationships and establish a patient base.
- Seeking mentorship from experienced colleagues, former attendings, or specialty organizations for guidance.
- Thoroughly reviewing employment contracts, understanding exit clauses, and negotiating favorable terms.
- Maintaining professionalism and building trust with the local community to attract patient referrals.
- Preparing for potential job changes or losses by understanding contract terms and having a support system.
- Exploring entrepreneurial pursuits like podcasting to combat burnout and find fulfillment outside clinical practice.The discussion provides valuable insights for new attendings navigating the challenges of starting a medical practice and building a successful career.