Ep 130 Creating your modern day village with Dr. Latoya Luces-Sampson

Are you falling into these traps:

  • I have to keep doing what I was doing because I trained all this time
  • I have to give up on the life that I want because I had kids
  • Not taking into account that your life and interests change
  • Feel obligated to serve others even though we are burning out

The idea of a modern day village comes in because some people don't really have anyone to tell what is going on with them or if they tell someone else, they will not get the response that they need. Being intentional about finding and creating that village, especially as a new mother, can help to make sure that you are not alone.

"And at the end of the day,  you have to be willing to step outside of the guilt and the shame that may be there and, use your voice to get the love and support and the care that you deserve."

“I really just had to realize that I needed to take care of myself and not wait for anybody else to do it. I need to set the example. And I also need to speak up about what I need and let people take care of me.”

"It all comes back to, am I really serving anyone, myself, my patients, if I am not happy and I'm not fulfilled and the answer is no." - Dr. Latoya Luces- Sampson