Ep. 127 The unsustainable path of our PCPs with Dr. Caissa Troutman

Dr. Caissa Troutman, a board-certified family medicine, obesity medicine, and culinary medicine physician, joins Dr. Amy Vertrees to share her journey of over 20 years in the medical field. With experience in primary care and urgent care, Dr. Troutman's insights into the challenges faced by primary care providers offer a unique perspective on the realities of the medical profession. Through her own experiences and professional expertise, she sheds light on the impact of paperwork, work-life balance, and the transition between different medical roles. Dr. Troutman's personal journey of overcoming burnout and delving into lifestyle medicine adds depth and authenticity to her understanding of the complexities that primary care providers encounter.

"The security is not in the job. The ability to create money, or money is within me, I do it. I can make the money. I can." - Dr. Caissa Troutman


Find her at:

Website - www.weightremdy.net

Facebook /IG - @weightremdy

Youtube - @WEIGHTreMDyinPA