Ep. 125 Healing the healers with Dr. Nora Vasquez

Dr. Nora Vasquez, a triple certified coach on leadership and wellness, brings a unique perspective to the discussion on healthcare burnout. With a background in internal medicine and a decade of serving underserved communities, Dr. Vasquez's personal experience with burnout led her to pursue coaching as a means to heal the healers. She is passionate about addressing institutional change, advocating for resources and support within healthcare systems, and empowering both individuals and teams to navigate the challenges of burnout. Through her work with medical societies and hospitals, Dr. Vasquez is dedicated to creating impactful, sustainable change that benefits the well-being of healthcare professionals and the quality of patient care.

"Who heals the healers? I do. I have these tools. I can help heal." - Dr. Nora Vasquez

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how coaching can empower physicians to overcome burnout and thrive in their careers.

  • Explore the impact of implementing wellness programs in healthcare institutions for staff and patient care.

  • Learn effective strategies for creating work-life balance to enhance well-being for healthcare professionals.

  • Uncover actionable strategies for driving positive change within the healthcare system.

  • Explore the benefits of coaching for healthcare teams in improving job satisfaction and patient outcomes.

Create Work-Life Balance Strategies
In the pursuit of balance, Dr. Vasquez encourages professionals to get clear on personal desires instead of attempting to meet external expectations. She recognizes the variation in work-life balance needs according to life stages, endorsing the belief that balance is achievable even while navigating demanding careers and personal responsibilities. By promoting these strategies, Dr. Vasquez supports a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle for healthcare professionals.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the website www.renewyourmindmd.com to request a free strategy session and discuss individual challenges or bringing a grand rounds to your institution. The coaching offers CME and are free, providing a win for everybody.

  • Join the free online community on the website www.renewyourmindmd.com to connect with others and access additional resources and support.

  • Explore the website www.renewyourmindmd.com to learn more about the coaching services offered, including life coaching, leadership coaching, and wellness coaching for healthcare professionals.

  • Reach out to Dr. Nora Vasquez through the website www.renewyourmindmd.com to inquire about bringing coaching programs to your institution, including retreats and ongoing support for staff.

  • Engage in a free strategy session with Dr. Nora Vasquez by visiting the website www.renewyourmindmd.com to discuss specific challenges and explore how coaching can provide hope and support for healthcare professionals.