Ep 120 When Stress Causes You to Overeat with Dr. Heather Awad

We have really hard jobs.


It's easy to forget that, especially when the only thing that we notice are the behaviors we do to deal with the negative feelings we have from our jobs.


Understanding our own behaviors we wish we didn't have will also help us understand our patients better.

Dr. Heather Awad, the Vibrant MD, shares really helpful insights that will shift your perspective on overeating and temptations.

“I had someone who was just feeling very sad and resentful that these other people could eat cake all the time, and she could not. I said, well, let me just ask you in a very neutral way, ‘Do you want to eat cake every day?” -Dr. Heather Awad

Key Takeaways

  • Master stress eating and achieve weight loss effortlessly.
  • Discover effective strategies to overcome stress eating for good.
  • Transform habits and behavior with successful change methods.
  • Embrace mindfulness and savor the joy of food like never before.
  • Cultivate self-compassion and understand the power of quitting habits.

About Dr. Heather Awad

Heather Awad, MD is a family doctor in Minnesota who helps professional women over age 50 lose weight for the last time. She is also a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through the Life Coach School, and has additional training in Positive Intelligence coaching. She hosts the Vibrant-MD podcast where she discusses weight loss, women’s health, and food.


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Key Moments

00:00:02 - Introducing Dr. Heather Awad

00:02:37 - Understanding Stress Eating

00:06:25 - Overcoming Food Pushing and Cravings

00:09:19 - Dealing with Social Expectations

00:13:18 - Healthy Coping Mechanisms

00:14:37 - Understanding Addiction and Compassionate Counseling

00:17:24 - Tips for Overcoming Addictive Habits

00:19:23 - Appreciating Real Food and Nourishment

00:21:43 - Changing Mindset and Kicking Habits Down the Road

00:22:47 - Seeking Support and Deep Habit Work