Ep 117 How to Get Paid Faster with Carolyn Stamey

Getting paid is all about mastering the revenue cycle. Specialist Carolyn Stamey makes sure you’re getting that final payment. She shares how focusing on the patient and doctor experience, enhanced patient satisfaction, and more precise billing will increase reimbursement for the work you do.

It's so important to have a copy of that insurance contract and really understand it because you can make the insurance company a partner in many ways. You leveraging that provider rep is so important, but having a copy of that contract and understanding it is really critical.” -Carolyn Stamey

Key takeaways:

  • Unlock the secrets to maximizing revenue and streamlining your billing processes.
  • Discover the key to avoiding claim denials and ensuring prompt reimbursement for your services.
  • Learn how to navigate the complexities of dealing with insurance companies to optimize your revenue cycle.
  • Uncover the crucial role of accurate coding and documentation in ensuring maximum payment accuracy and compliance.
  • Gain insights into simplifying the complexities of medical billing to enhance your practice's financial performance.

About Carolyn

Carolyn Stamey is a revenue cycle professional who helps physicians achieve financial success through revenue cycle excellence. She is currently the President & CEO of Contemporary Medical Solutions.

Before starting Contemporary Medical Solutions, Carolyn worked for 30 years leading large revenue cycle teams. After a successful career supporting both small physician practices and large multi-specialty groups associated with a hospital, she now helps physicians maintain their independent practice by ensuring accurate and timely medical billing, up to date insurance contracts and credentialing with payers.

Carolyn is based in the Phoenix area with her husband and daughter. She enjoys camping and sewing in her spare time.

Carolyn is available to support your revenue cycle needs and offers free consultations. You can reach Carolyn at 717.557.5257 or [email protected].

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 - Understanding the Revenue Cycle

00:02:15 - Impact of Large Organizations

00:05:53 - Patient-Provider Relationship

00:09:46 - Responsibility in Billing

00:12:55 - Pitfalls and Contract Awareness

00:14:12 - Timely Filing Limits and Payment Delays

00:15:34 - Interacting with Insurance Companies

00:16:50 - Understanding Insurance Company Requests

00:19:29 - Impact of Insurance Contracting and Credentialing

00:24:21 - The Significance of Payer Enrollment

00:27:50 - Navigating Insurance Company Relationships

00:29:31 - When to Seek Help

00:31:00 - Shifting Perspectives on Interactions

00:33:43 - Key Learnings in Revenue Cycle Management

00:37:33 - Future Resources for Providers and Patients