Ep 115: The voice for physician unionization with Dr. Junaid Niazi

Have you noticed that being a physician these days is like many voices screaming into the void?

What if we could gather together as one loud voice? 

Is it time to start forming unions? 

My guest Dr. Junaid Niazi is part of the largest physician unions that formed recently. He was initially hesitant about what unions would bring, but the idea that real change in physician work flows and physician wellness. 

“They may have had some negative images or ideas of what a union is based on other unions and seeing those unions function, but again, a union is what the people make it out to be just like our democracy as a whole. So our democracy only works as well as the people who are running it are. ” - Dr. Junaid Niazi 

Does the thought of unionization make you nervous? Maybe it’s time to dive deeper. Join me today with Dr. Junaid Niazi as we explore the benefits of physician unionization as a way forward to gain more respect, value and financial security for clinicians.

“What recourse is there when medicine's getting so corporatized, and decisions are being made from spreadsheets?” 

-Dr. Junaid Niazi