Ep 116 Rejecting Corporate Medicine by Starting a Private Practice with Dr. Ritha Belizaire

Many of us feel powerless with the rise of corporate medicine. Our guest today decided to take her power back and reject this concept. She seemed like the least likely person to do so, given that she is a single mother by choice and without a ton of resources. She decided that practicing medicine on her terms was more important than the financial promises these large companies are selling. Aligning her career with her values made the most sense to her.

Embarking on this new path, she discovered that she did not need the guarantees that were offered. She is able to secure her own future.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how Dr. Ritha Belizaire's journey can inspire and motivate your own career in medicine.
  • Learn effective strategies for balancing personal and professional life as a physician.
  • Uncover the power of overcoming perfectionism and embracing growth in your medical career.
  • Explore ways to empower single mothers in the field of medicine and create a supportive community.
  • Unlock the potential of entrepreneurship in medicine and how it can transform your career.

My special guest today is Dr. Ritha Belizaire.

Dr. Ritha Belizaire is a dual board certified general and colorectal surgeon in Houston, Texas and is passionate about providing accessible, inclusive surgical care. After several years of employment, she made her departure from academics, fueled by burnout and a sense of devaluation within the system.

She opened her own practice, Houston Community Surgical, in July 2023. In the transition from academics to self employment, she has borne witness to the epidemic of physician burnout, depression and anxiety caused by increasing demands on physicians to make money for their institutions while having less and less personal and professional autonomy and leading to a mass exodus of physicians from the medical profession.

Concerned for the future of fellow physicians and of healthcare in America, Dr. Belizaire shares insights into her transformative journey of reclaiming control over her professional and personal life. She hopes that her story of challenging the status quo can offer some hope for physicians seeking a path to fulfillment in their medical careers.

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 - Introducing Dr. Ritha Belizaire

00:01:06 - Recognizing the Need for Change

00:07:14 - Seeking Agency and Freedom

00:09:22 - Finding Her "Why"

00:11:50 - Self-Investment and Guaranteed Success

00:13:56 - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs in Residency Training

00:15:00 - Recognizing Physicians as Commodities

00:17:13 - Navigating Agency in the Healthcare System

00:18:25 - The Journey to Entrepreneurship

00:21:07 - Surprising Lessons in Entrepreneurship

00:27:56 - Balancing Personal Passion with Professional Responsibilities

00:29:19 - Overcoming Overwhelm and Prioritizing Tasks

00:30:38 - Building a Fence Around Your Dreams

00:33:25 - Overcoming Feeling Stuck and Empowering Change

00:35:06 - Inspiring Others in the Medical Field