Ep 114: Recognizing Gender Bias in Medicine with Dr. Maggie Brooke

Have you heard the myths that women exaggerate their pain, that men are better suited for leadership positions in healthcare, and that women are more emotional and therefore less capable in the medical field?

Our guest, Maggie Brooke, will share the truth about gender bias in the medical field and how we can work towards equality.

“Women physicians receive more complaints: Complaints from other staff, from patients, and more negative interpretations of typical interactions. It's a real challenge to combat.” - Dr. Maggie Brooke

Key Takeaways

  • Gain insights into the hidden challenges affecting patient care.
  • Discover strategies for breaking barriers and thriving in male-dominated surgical specialties.
  • Uncover the impact of unrecognized labor and societal pressures on healthcare professionals.
  • Learn how to advocate for change and promote equality within medical institutions.
  • Find valuable tools and support networks to drive positive change in healthcare.

My special guest today is Maggie Brooke.

Magdalene (Maggie) Brooke, MD FACS is a full spectrum community and academic surgeon working in Denver, Colorado. Her primary interests are surgical education and providing excellent, up-to-date surgical care to vulnerable populations in the Denver safety net system. She is married to another physician in a procedural field and the mother of two young children. She is an artist, an avid reader, and a lifelong proud feminist. She has no academic expertise in the field of equity in healthcare, but rather is a female surgeon doing her best to support the ongoing growth of gender equity within her field. Her views are her own and not those of her department or institution. 

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 - Introduction to the Book "Invisible Women"

00:03:59 - Recognizing Gender Bias

00:08:25 - Stereotypes in Surgery

00:12:10 - The Impact of Gender Diversity

00:13:35 - Support for Parenthood in Medicine

00:15:14 - Gender Equality and Family Leave Policies

00:16:01 - Biologic Realities of Childbearing

00:17:05 - Balancing Work and Family Responsibilities

00:18:57 - Thoughtful Implementation of Policies

00:23:08 - Gender Bias and Microaggressions in Medicine

00:31:16 - Gender Bias in Interactions

00:32:08 - Challenging Gender Bias

00:35:12 - Pervasive Gender Bias

00:36:53 - Dealing with Gender Bias

00:43:14 - Making Invisible Work Visible

00:44:59 - Redefining Societal Expectations

00:46:16 - Establishing Boundaries

00:48:11 - Effective Communication

00:49:37 - Gender Bias in the Workplace

00:53:22 - Ergonomics and Equipment Challenges

00:58:06 - Gender Bias in Healthcare

00:58:49 - Benefits of Diversity

00:59:16 - Conclusion and Recommendations

00:59:34 - Book Recommendation

01:00:00 - Additional Resources