Ep 111: Burning out in private practice with Dr. Sogol Pahlavan

Do you want to gain greater self-awareness and acquire practical tools to overcome burnout in your private practice? Look no further, because I have the solution you've been searching for. In this discussion, our guest, Sogol Pahlavan, will be sharing invaluable insights and strategies to help you achieve a renewed sense of well-being and combat burnout effectively. Get ready to unlock the secrets to achieving a healthier work-life balance and reignite your passion for your private practice.

My special guest is Sogol Pahlavan

Meet Dr. Sogol Pahlavan, a dynamic pediatrician and entrepreneur who knows firsthand the ups and downs of private practice. Growing up as a first-generation immigrant in Texas, Dr. Pahlavan was inspired by her family's entrepreneurial spirit. With a natural inclination for communication and a love for children, she found her calling in pediatrics. Together with her sister, she took the leap and established their own clinic, even though many doubted the profitability of serving the Medicaid community. However, Dr. Pahlavan's determination and passion led to a thriving practice in an underserved Hispanic community. Along her journey, she encountered burnout and realized that blaming external factors wouldn't solve the problem. Instead, she delved into self-reflection and discovered the importance of addressing the internal manager that constantly berates us with self-sabotaging thoughts. Dr. Pahlavan's story is a testament to the possibilities of private practice and the power of overcoming burnout with self-awareness and resilience.

If you are drawn to something, if your soul is calling for you to connect and do something that's completely outside the box that no one has ever done, don't listen to them. Follow your soul's calling, because if it is aligned with what you truly want, the universe will make it happen. - Sogol Pahlavan

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore practical strategies to combat burnout in private practice.

  • Embrace unconventional career paths while following your passion.

  • Learn effective methods to build a profitable private practice.

  • Recognize burnout as a transformative and personal journey.

  • Master the importance of self-leadership in your business.