Ep 109: When divorce challenges your identity at work with Dr. Paul Michaud

A high-flying surgeon confronts the crushing reality of divorce, as he strives to shatter the facade of perfection, repair broken relationships, and find redemption amidst the wreckage of his personal and professional life.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how to navigate the challenges of divorce with grace and resilience.
  • Learn effective strategies to support your children during the divorce process.
  • Find out how to take responsibility for your mistakes and grow from them.
  • Explore the impact of divorce on your personal and professional life, and learn how to manage both with confidence.
  • Gain insights into finding a balance between work and parenting while going through divorce.

My special guest today is Paul Michaud.

Paul is a father to 5 sons, Radiologist, Certified Physician Executive, and executive leadership coach. He served in the Army for over 13 years where he earned a reputation of creating exceptional work environments for his teammates and developing innovative leadership models for the organizations he has served.

Notable past leadership positions include Chair, Department of Radiology, Chief Medical Officer, and Consultant to the Army Surgeon General. Paul currently serves as Professor of Radiology at West Virginia University, where he is pursuing his passion for teaching and developing the next generation of leaders.

He is also an organizational leadership and executive coach with a particular interest in optimizing work environments and helping individuals navigate challenging life experiences such as trauma, divorce, and transitions in their career path.

Find out more about Paul here: 

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 - The Perception of Perfection at Work

00:03:24 - Helping Others Going Through Divorce

00:06:57 - Acknowledging Imperfections

00:08:28 - The Long Process of Divorce

00:15:34 - Managing the Process on Your Own Terms

00:17:30 - Taking Responsibility and Apologizing

00:18:30 - Kids' Awareness and the Healing Process

00:20:22 - Recognizing When to Take a Break

00:23:10 - Responsibility vs. Blame

00:30:58 - Addressing the Abscess and Teaching Kids

00:32:15 - Allowing Kids to Make Mistakes

00:34:24 - Apologizing and Acknowledging Mistakes

00:36:38 - Finding Joy in Children's Success

00:40:21 - Identity Crisis and Overcoming Obstacles