Ep 108: Building trust as a Chief Medical Officer with Dr. Paul Michaud

In the world of leadership, sometimes the most unexpected individuals rise to the occasion and make a profound impact.

Picture this: a diagnostic radiologist turned military leader. It's a twist that no one saw coming, and yet, it had far-reaching effects on his career and those around him. But how did he navigate the challenges of leadership? How did he inspire his team to greater heights?

There's a powerful story waiting to be told, so stay tuned to discover the surprising journey of this remarkable leader.

“If we can address that thing, all these other things that we're trying to fight in the hospital get better.” - Paul Michaud

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to navigate fear and anxiety to become a more confident and effective leader.
  • Strengthen your conflict management skills and enhance communication for a more harmonious and productive workplace.
  • Foster a culture of trust and open communication to promote collaboration and innovation within your team.
  • Gain practical strategies to tackle difficult conversations and create an environment of open dialogue for better problem-solving and team cohesion.
  • Discover the power of living in alignment with your personal values and how it can positively impact your leadership style and overall fulfillment in life.

My special guest today is Paul Michaud.

Paul is a father to 5 sons, Radiologist, Certified Physician Executive, and executive leadership coach. He served in the Army for over 13 years where he earned a reputation of creating exceptional work environments for his teammates and developing innovative leadership models for the organizations he has served.

Notable past leadership positions include Chair, Department of Radiology, Chief Medical Officer, and Consultant to the Army Surgeon General. Paul currently serves as Professor of Radiology at West Virginia University, where he is pursuing his passion for teaching and developing the next generation of leaders.

He is also an organizational leadership and executive coach with a particular interest in optimizing work environments and helping individuals navigate challenging life experiences such as trauma, divorce, and transitions in their career path.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:01:25 - Becoming a Leader

00:04:09 - Goal as a Chief Medical Officer

00:07:01 - Autonomy and Productivity

00:09:54 - Trusting and Supporting Staff

00:14:10 - Leading with Transparency

00:18:10 - Handling Conflicts and Complaints

00:19:46 - Shifting Perspective: Complaints as Opportunities

00:22:13 - The Power of Communication and Feedback

00:24:02 - Autonomy and Individualized Approaches

00:29:10 - Addressing Concerns Professionally

00:29:59 - Importance of Near Misses

00:32:22 - Understanding Adverse Outcomes

00:33:59 - Personal Struggles Impacting Work

00:37:48 - Acknowledging Personal Struggles

00:44:00 - Career Decision and Loss of Identity

00:46:04 - Letting Go and Alignment

00:47:36 - The Arrival Fallacy and Integrity

00:50:44 - Inertia and Working in Alignment

00:54:51 - Finding the Right Fit