Ep 107: Leaving by choice or not - What to do next with Amanda Hill & Amy Vertrees

Reflect on your current situation: Take a moment to think about your goals and aspirations in medicine. Are you truly happy where you are, or do you need to make a change? Consider whether reforming your current job may be a viable option before jumping into a new opportunity.

In this episode, you will be able to:

• Gain clarity and find fulfillment in your work by navigating career transitions with confidence.
• Empower and support physicians in finding career satisfaction and maintaining work-life balance.
• Discover strategies for negotiating contracts that maximize your value and ensure a fair deal.
• Engage in self-reflection and exploration to uncover what truly brings you career fulfillment.
• Seek professional help and create a plan to achieve career success on your own terms.

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Amanda Hill is a healthcare attorney in Austin, Texas.  She worked for the U.S. Government defending large hospitals before becoming General Counsel for several large groups. She has worked with physicians and health care management her entire career, providing guidance, training, and counsel. 

Recently, Amanda launched Guard My Practice to try and prevent problems doctors were facing BEFORE they occurred and help to train and educate physicians about the business side of medicine.  This company provides courses on all kinds of topics that affect physicians to help them feel safe and protected, such as contracts, fraud and abuse, employment issues, partnership concerns, HIPAA, dealing with difficult patients, and more. 

The key moments in this episode are:
- 00:00:00 - Introduction and Purpose of the Webinar
- 00:00:30 - The Importance of Empowerment and Collaboration
- 00:03:25 - Understanding the Challenges Faced by Doctors
- 00:05:03 - Introducing Personal Backgrounds
- 00:06:50 - Dr. Amy's Journey and Coaching Career
- 00:12:47 - The Impact of Negative Reviews
- 00:13:53 - Empowerment for Physicians
- 00:14:33 - Fear and Unknown in Job Transitions
- 00:16:28 - The Option to Stay in the Current Job
- 00:19:35 - Loving Yourself in Your Job
- 00:25:46 - Life Expectancy in an Institution
- 00:26:42 - Recognizing the Problem
- 00:27:51 - Knowing What You Want
- 00:31:48 - Permission to Complain
- 00:38:14 - Creating the Future You Want
- 00:39:23 - Understanding Your Contract
- 00:41:40 - Strategizing Your Exit
- 00:43:56 - Building Leverage and Timing
- 00:46:48 - Introduction to the Course
- 00:50:20 - Reflecting on Mistakes and Embracing the Future
- 00:51:11 - Confidentiality and Privacy on Zoom Calls
- 00:53:28 - Course Details and Value
- 00:56:55 - Closing a Practice and Retirement
- 00:58:31 - Freebies and Prizes
- 01:02:11 - Introduction and Overview
- 01:02:29 - Email Communication
- 01:02:49 - First Step Towards Change
- 01:03:00 - Conclusion