Ep 106: Embracing the neurodiverse physician with Dr. Krystal Sodaitis

Have you been told to hide your neurodiversity to succeed as a physician? The ineffective action of masking your true self can lead to a painful sense of isolation and burnout, but there is a better way. Discover how embracing neurodiversity can enhance your medical career and unleash your potential through coaching tailored to neurodiverse individuals. It's time to overcome the challenges and leverage your unique strengths to thrive in the medical profession.

In this episode, you will be able to:

- Discover how embracing neurodiversity can enhance your medical career.
- Unleash your potential through coaching tailored to neurodiverse individuals.
- Overcome the challenges of masking and ADHD with effective strategies.
- Master the art of effective communication in the workplace to thrive in your medical profession.
- Find the support and resources you need to excel as a neurodiverse physician.

My special guest today is Dr. Krystal Sodaitis.

Dr. Krystal Sodaitis board-certified pediatrician, who transitioned from academic medicine to health plan leadership in 2013. Krystal has advanced certifications in physician coaching, leadership coaching, and deep dive coaching. Her coaching practice is focused on physicians who have a neurodevelopmental diagnosis such as ADHD, Autism or dyslexia.

Highly intelligent people are often identified as neurodiverse (formally or through self-discovery/diagnosis) well into adulthood. While the diagnosis may come with some understanding and validation, many still have questions. Unsure where to go with their newfound knowledge - that’s where she comes in. Krystal helps neurodiverse docs discover their “what now.” She addresses the guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs that come with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder or any other disability. Our brains are amazing, and Krystal wants us all to embrace the different yet glorious ways our brains work. She helps people harness their gifts, not squelch them.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/krystal-revai-sodaitis
Website: https://neurodiversedocs.com/
eBook: https://link.neurodiversedocs.com/top-5-tips

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:01:07 - Dr. Sodaitis' Journey
00:03:10 - The Need for Coaching
00:07:54 - Identifying Neurodiversity
00:10:46 - Overcoming Challenges
00:17:32 - The Pressure to Mask in Autism
00:18:00 - Masking and Adjusting Communication
00:19:06 - Starting with Personal Goals
00:19:24 - Addressing Sensory Overload
00:21:32 - Balancing Authenticity and Comfort
00:22:57 - Understanding Differences with Compassion
00:33:19 - Expressing the Impact of Actions
00:33:45 - Reaching Out for Help
00:34:01 - Conclusion and Farewell