Ep 105: From Training to Retirement - Mastering Passion Throughout Your Surgical Career

If you're feeling a deep sense of frustration and burnout despite your dedication to surgical excellence, then you are not alone! Many surgeons are tirelessly striving for success, yet find themselves lacking passion and fulfillment in their careers. Despite the long hours, the countless surgeries, and the constant pursuit of perfection, they may still find themselves searching for a deeper sense of purpose.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover practical strategies to reignite your passion for surgery and find fulfillment in your career.

  • Overcome career progression challenges unique to surgeons and pave the way to success.

  • Explore the values and priorities that are essential for maintaining passion and satisfaction in your surgical career.

  • Navigate through the uncertainties and disruptions that can arise in surgical careers with confidence and resilience.

  • Gain insights and actionable steps to find fulfillment and maintain a sense of purpose in your surgical career.

Amy Vertrees, MD, FACS is a general surgeon, certified coach, and the founder of BOSS Business of Surgery Series. She is committed to helping surgeons learn lessons that were not taught in residency but necessary for a successful surgical career. 

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:03 - Introduction

00:00:34 - The Challenge in Medicine

00:02:00 - Remembering Why We Became Surgeons

00:03:05 - The Non-Linear Progression of Careers

00:07:34 - Mastery, Recognition, Values, and Priorities

00:11:08 - Uncertainties and Life Disruptions

00:15:25 - The Impact of a Stroke on Brain Function

00:16:30 - The Role of the Left Brain in Training

00:19:39 - Challenges in Mid Career

00:22:56 - Transitioning to a New Path

00:25:58 - Retirement and Its Challenges