Ep 102 Diversifying your medical career with Dr. Andrea Austin

This is part 2 of our joint podcast, find part 1 here:

Part one

Dr. Austin and I talked about the challenges our ED physicians are facing in the current environment of private equity, discouragement post-COVID and other challenges. 

She shared how a toxic job opened her eyes to the importance of a diversified career, gender parity in leadership, and how to recover from a toxic job. 

She found a new mission to revitalize other doctors with her podcast, "The Revitalizing Doctor" and her group coaching program "Revitalize Women Physicians Circle." With Dr. Linda Lawrence, their goal is to create gender parity in medicine, break through the, the leadership hurdles.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the evolving career opportunities in emergency medicine and gain insights on how to navigate the changing landscape.

  • Learn effective strategies to combat burnout and create a healthier work environment in healthcare.

  • Explore the importance of physician involvement in leadership roles and decision-making processes for driving positive change in healthcare.

  • Uncover practical tips for recovering from a toxic work environment and reclaiming joy in your medical career.

  • Gain inspiration and insights on diversifying your career path in medicine, with a focus on achieving gender parity.

My special guest is Andrea Austin

We are honored to have Dr. Andrea Austin as our guest today. As a former Navy emergency room physician and current simulation director, Dr. Austin brings a unique perspective to the table. Her journey towards finding work-life harmony in medicine is both inspiring and relatable. With her experience and expertise, she has valuable insights to share about diversifying career paths in medicine and achieving gender parity. Dr. Austin's ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of medicine, while staying true to her passions and values, is truly remarkable. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for medical professionals seeking to carve their own paths and create a fulfilling career. We are excited to dive deep into Dr. Austin's experiences and tap into her wisdom as she sheds light on achieving gender parity and work-life harmony in the medical field.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:02 - Introduction,

00:00:41 - The Importance of Diversifying,

00:02:07 - Making a Career Change,

00:06:26 - Exploring Different Opportunities,

00:10:11 - Challenges in Emergency Medicine,

00:16:24 - The Importance of Physician Engagement,

00:17:54 - Stepping Up into Leadership,

00:19:32 - Getting Doctors and Surgeons Involved,

00:22:31 - Embracing Expertise and Giving Room for Growth,

00:26:16 - Recovering from Toxic Workplaces,

00:32:13 - Excitement for Practicing Emergency Medicine,

00:32:27 - Letting Go to Enjoy,

00:32:53 - Reasons to Diversify Career Paths,

00:33:30 - Creating Gender Parity in Medicine,

00:35:13 - The Power of Collective Support,