Episode 94: Making changes to find the delight in your career with Dr. Jess Mcmichael

What do you want to feel in your career?

In the latest BOSS podcast, Dr. Jess McMichael realized she wanted to feel delight when she saw her daughter playing- and realized she had lost that feeling over time. 

She decided to make major changes in her career as an orthopedic surgeon.

We often worry about what other people will think when we make career changes. 

She shares what she learned when she navigated a successful shift in her career. 


Dr. McMichael is an orthopaedic surgeon, wife, mother and coach. She graduated from Saint Louis University School of Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery residency in 2009. As a surgeon, her zone of genius is fracture care and complex pediatric limb reconstruction. As a coach, Dr. McMichael guides women surgeons on a path of ever-increasing personal power. Her mission is to create a modern landscape of surgery characterized by optimal patient safety, innovative surgical education, and satisfied surgeons.


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