Episode 75: The MedMal Coach talks about avoiding litigation

Surgeons are included in the high risk specialties that are nearly guaranteed to get sued. Even if we do not actually get sued, the threat of litigation is a constant influence in our career. 

Dr. Laura Fortner is The MedMal coach. She is an OB/gyn who has generously shared her own litigation experience. She was able to survive and then thrive. She has critical information that helps us all recognize the signs of litigation stress and what to do about it. Her emphasis to normalize a process we will all experience to help us move from shame to acceptance. Dr. Fortner's "Common myths about medical malpractice" can be found at www.Themedmalcoach.com. 
the link to my waitlist for the safe, confidential, non-discoverable space for physicians dealing with bad outcomes and/or medical malpractice.  


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