Episode 50: Crafting a powerful message with Dr. Dena George

Have you ever wondered why patients don't do what you say?

There is the message we give, and there is the message they receive.

How do we make sure that they hear our message?

Dr. Dena George is a family practice physician, StoryBrand certified marketing guide and creator of the "Create an Unstoppable Life" podcast, and Army veteran and founder of the Women Warrior Healers. 

We had such a great conversation!

- A powerful message lets the patients buy in to their care

- We don't have to give all of the information to patients at once

- We can speak to their pain, and show how we can lessen it

- We can focus from right here and right now, not what they have done before

- The two things patients want to know: Do you understand my problem and can you help me?

- We put pressure on ourselves to know the right answer, even when it is not possible to know for sure

We also talked about:

- Crafting a powerful message on your website

- How she created an unstoppable life after she kept getting stuck

- Peace is an inside job

And we shared some of the powerful messages that we learned on deployment:

- How medical support conveys the message of hope and survival and critical to the war effort

- Remembering how much soldiers sacrificed

- Creating the Women Warrior Healers community