Episode 43: The cost of delaying childbearing with Dr. Carolina Sueldo

The latest BOSS podcast features Dr. Carolina Sueldo: an OB/Gyn and REI specialist. She shares so much wisdom. 


Did you know that 1 in 4 women physicians will experience infertility issues? I know I had no idea. 


It's on all of us to support our colleagues and ourselves- speak up, share stories, give permission. 

Training doesn't have to keep you from having a family. 

Don't let our training length rob you of the family you want. 

She hears this all the time from her patients:
- I wish I had known
- I wish someone have given me this option

We covered so much in this episode!
-            Start asking about fertility early, especially if you have painful or irregular periods

-           What a visit and testing is like

-           What's next if the testing shows problems

-           Freezing eggs vs embryos

-           Advances in IVF

-           Challenges in the post Roe v Wade world

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