Episode 34: Getting patients into clinic by supporting PCPs with Dr. Sarah Lee-Davisson

The latest BOSS podcast features Dr.  Sarah Lee-Davisson, a minimally invasive surgeon with excellent advice on getting patients into clinic by supporting our primary care physicians (and APPs in the current environment). We had a great time recording this, and there is pure gold advice for every surgeon in practice. 

The top tips:

- Take good care of the patients and make the PCP look good by sending patients to you

- Send your notes right away and follow up with a call if something is important

- Tell the PCP what you have done, summarize important information like studies, stage of cancer, etc into your note so they don't have to dig for the information

- Get to know your PCP with visits, mixers and local societies

- Take thoughtful gifts, business and bio cards, your cell number to PCP offices and inquire how you can help serve them better

- Ask patients if they have a PCP, and if not refer to your PCPs that support you

- Ensure the patients have a great first impression with your office staff and empower your office staff to support you by checking tasks, faxes, voicemails daily. Help you and them by having templates of everyday activities 

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