Episode 30: Decreasing burnout and stress with Dr. Robyn Tiger the StressfreeMD

The latest BOSS podcast features Dr. Robyn Tiger, a diagnostic radiologist and founder of StressFreeMD. She has been a leader in the field of evidence-based self-care tools and burnout thriver.


“I made my mess my message”


She began her wellness career when after 10 years in practice she had somatic symptoms that no one could figure out- migraines, headache, vertigo, tinnitus, couldn’t sleep, reflux, chest pain, and paresthesias. She would consistently workout and eat a vegan diet, but despite being physically healthy, she didn’t feel well. She spontaneously took a 5-week series on yoga meditation (initially rolling her eyes at the concept), but was surprised when she felt calm, clear not even tired anymore.


She found the solution was bringing homeostasis back to her autonomic system. She learned how to take care of herself from the inside out. Over time, she transitioned from solely body-based work to mindset with coaching, because it is hard to work with our thoughts when our autonomic system is out of whack. She learned to be a doctor in a different way by balancing physiology and managing our mind.


The solution is not as inaccessible as it seems. She provides “stress-free snacks” to quickly feel better when something comes up. These are quick easy things to do all day long. You can find more information about her podcast, free videos and latest projects at https://www.stressfreemd.net/