Episode 37: Are you working with a bad leader? Interview with Dr. Kenneth Cho

The latest BOSS podcast features Dr. Kenneth Cho. He is an interventional radiologist and Army Veteran with significant leadership experience. Once he left the military, he noted the striking difference in the leadership ranges of physicians in the civilian world. If you are struggling at work, you may wonder if it's you, or if there is something bigger going on. He and I discussed some signs that may help you decide if you are working with a bad leader. 

Here are some highlights:

- Physicians learn a great deal about medicine, but not as much about leading other people.

- You should be able to trust your leaders- if they want us to follow them, we have to trust they have our best interest at hearts, they have the skills and ability to accomplish what they promise us, be honest with us, feel that they understand our position

- Articulate frequently, honestly, and authentically that they appreciate their people, do everything they can to make them feel respected, value their opinion, take suggestions whenever possible.

- MBA can help you with leadership skills, knowledge about finance, and how hospitals function which will be beneficial to the longterm success of the organization

- "Burnout" is not helpful. What is the root cause and what can be addressed?

- Leadership is service-oriented

- A bad leader is limiting what the team can do

- What do you do when you have reached a tipping point? What can you do to protect yourself?


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