Are you ready to stop hating clinic (and the rest of your your job, too)?


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Do you wonder if you will be happy at ANY job?

I can help!


It's time to have the job you worked so hard to achieve

And it doesn't have to be hard or painful:

We are meant to be in the OR, but clinic is necessary. Why is clinic so painful? Do any of these problems sound familiar:

  • Clinic staff don't support me
  • I can't get in and out of rooms fast enough
  • My notes never seem to end
  • I am just so tired
  • I wonder if I want to stay in this job

It's not your imagination

Clinic can seem soul-crushing. What if there are ways to make it more efficient, effective and (gasp) empowering? In Stop Hating Clinic group coaching, you’ll learn how to interact with others with proven techniques that will make clinic empowering and not draining. 

I am SO in!

In The Next 12 Months, You Could…

  • Change the relationship you have with your staff
  • Become more effective and efficient in clinic
  • Gain your time and sanity back

This is all possible. I can show you how.


Stop Hating Clinic Program

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Career?

This 12 month program will teach you everything you need to know to change how you interact with your patients, staff and administrators. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get out of your head and influence those around you
  • Gain practical tips to make clinic more efficient and not drag into home time
  • Identify why you are feeling discouraged and use strategies that can help

With a simple shift in your mindset, you could have the job you want and worked so hard to achieve.

What's Included In Stop Hating Clinic program...


Group Coaching

Guided work to help you succeed:

  • Weekly emails with mindset and prompts to help guide your work
  • Introduction of the concept of the week on the call
  • Coaching on the whatever issues are troubling you

You’ll finish each week of the course one step closer to understanding how you are getting the results you are getting, and practical solutions to achieve the results you want.


Unlimited email coaching

In between calls, you may have questions or want additional help:

  • Send me an email with your question or scenario
  • I will send you suggestions or guidance
  • If you need more help, you can bring it up on a group call or sign up for a 1:1 call

I am committed to helping you get results. If you put forth the work, I will support you anyway I can to get you results.


[Limited Bonus] One year BOSS Continuity coaching

This is a deal you DON'T WANT TO MISS!!
Once you realize that investing in yourself is worth it, you won't want to stop:

  • The Difficult Partner course
  • It's Complicated
  • Everything is a Negotiation

If you sign up by 15 November, you will be enrolled in these courses in 2023.


[Limited bonus] 1:1 coaching

If you sign up by 14 Nov I will send you a link for TWO 1:1 coaching call:

  • Tell me your specific goals for the program
  • Let me offer you personalized coaching
  • Accelerate your results

Getting insight into the mind blocks you may have will help direct where you more effectively.

This Program Is For You If...

  • You are questioning if you are in the right place
  • You feel like you could be enjoying your job more
  • You are feeling frustrated with the clinic flow, staff, and patients
  • You feel drained and frustrated with each clinic
  • You want to have more free time and not spend it doing notes

These are the topics each week:

  • 9 Oct- orientation
    So what is the problem, anyway?

  • 12 Oct
    Assessing your thoughts before clinic

  • 19 Oct
    Leading when you are not in charge- who is in charge anyway?

  • 26 Oct
    Time management in clinic

  • 6 Nov
    When there is no one in clinic

  • 13 Nov
    The difficult patient- Clinic in action

  • 16 Nov
    Boundaries in clinic

  • 27 Nov
    The dreaded notes

  • 7 Dec
    More dreaded notes

  • 14 Dec
    Teamwork makes the dreamwork- delegation

  • 18 Dec
    Getting paid, following up and getting more back

All calls are at 6pm CST on the following dates (rarely a date, time or topic will need to change)

I'm Amy Vertrees, MD

What started as a journey to learn "what's next" for me turned into a passion for helping others have the same feeling of confidence, clarity, and freedom I discovered along the way. But you don't have to struggle and wait- you can learn those skills now.

I have used all the strategies I teach in my career, which has allowed me to become a successful private practice general surgeon and further my career. I learned how to deal with difficult colleagues, managing my thoughts about complications, realizing that everything is a negotiation, how to manage a successful clinic, and countless others.

Once I realized the power that coaching offered me, I became a certified coach through The Life Coach School, and now I coach surgeons to see their potential, too.

"I would frequently find myself overwhelmed with work stress an unsure how to navigate my role in my office and how to take my seat at the table, so to speak. After working with her, I have been better able to assert myself and help to appropriately care for my patients as well as remain calm and serve as a resource for my partners and staff in coming up with solutions."

- Dr. G.S.

"The biggest thing coaching has done for me is made me be less attached to the final outcome (and more confident to do what I want to do--not what someone else wants to do)."

- Dr. A.S.

Stop Hating Clinic 

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5 monthly payments


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Save $250!


If you aren’t completely satisfied with Stop Hating Clinic, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.