Learn how to effectively negotiate in all areas of your life


3 month group coaching


Without taking a ton of time, without changing who you are, and using the inner strength you already have. 

If you’re a high achiever that is:

- Wondering where to get more time to do the things you want

- Wanting to spend less time worrying about...everything

- Frustrated that you aren't heard or getting your way at work

- Certain there is a better way


You're right.

There is a better way. 


The next 3 month group coaching experience focuses on "Everything is a negotiation." We negotiate with ourself as we navigate our to-do list and signing up for obligations. We negotiate with our spouse and kids. We negotiate at work in every interaction with patients, colleagues and administration.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • More confidence in yourself

    The most important negotiation is what happens within us each day
  • More confidence in your interactions with others

    When you stop negotiating with yourself, you can improve your interactions with others
  • Created more time in your day

    Our relationship with time is a negotiation with ourselves and how we choose to spend our time
  • Found effective strategies to be heard at work

    We begin to be heard when we believe more fully in what we think
  • Learned effective strategies that help you get what you want

    We don't want to just be heard- we want to get our way

Dates of calls

All Calls are 6pm CST


  • 29 June

  • 7July

  • 10 July

  • 21 July

  • 28 July

  • 3 Aug

  • 7 Aug

  • 17 Aug

  • 21 Aug

  • 31 Aug

  • 7 Sep

  • 11 Sept


  • CME available through CMEfy:

    12 hours with Group coaching

    1 hour from 1:1 call

    This content in this Coaching Session is not approved for credit by CMEfy, however, you may reflect on how it applies to your day-to-day and engage to earn AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ from point-of-care learning activities

Do you wonder why you are not effective? You may not know what to do yet, because you aren’t exactly sure what the problem is.

Let me help you win the daily negotiations you didn't even know were going on! 

I can help you see the negotiations that are going on and help you implement strategies that will work. 

Amy Vertrees, MD, FACS

General surgeon and certified coach

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What’s Inside "Everything is a negotiation"


Weekly topics:

  1. Challenging what you think- stop thinking by default
  1. Understanding who we are
  1. Understanding what we want 
  1. Stop self-sabotage 
  1. Negotiation strategies Part 1- understanding what I want and what they want
  1. Understanding our priorities
  1. Creating a system that works 
  1. Boundaries
  1. Negotiation strategies: Part 2. Getting what you want
  1. Confidence/Self-Confidence
  1. Getting paid what you are worth 
  1. Negotiation strategies Part 3
Common challenges addressed in 1:1 coaching:
  • Career challenges
  • Efficiency at work

  • Satisfaction with work/life balance

  • Working with other people

  • Confidence

  • Personal relationships

  • Leadership strategies

  • Dealing with complications

  • Taking care of ourselves

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14 day guarantee

Coaching is a new concept for surgeons

I am confident that if you try coaching with me that you will be able to see how you can help yourself and make real change in your life. But maybe you are not so sure, and that is OK. If after 14 days of enrollment, you come to the coaching events and you look at the course material and you decide this is not for you- no problem. Just reach out to me, and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still thinking about it?

Want to know if this is right for you?


Does this sound like you:

  1. You're just getting started in surgery and want to learn some strategies to get ahead
  2. You may have been in practice for awhile and wondering if it is going to get better
  3. You are at the end of your rope and want to know if you should keep at it
  4. You wonder where your love of surgery (and yourself) have gone
  5. You want to be the best surgeon you can be
  6. You have heard about coaching and wonder if it will work for you
  7. You are ready to take action and want help from an experienced certified surgeon coach.

I can’t wait for you to join "Everything is a Negotiation"

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